How to Replace LCD Screen On Sony A7/A7R/A7S

2022-06-07 Update – I created a video on how to replace the LCD and used a different method of disassembly. This method makes it easier to plugin the ribbon cable into the LCD board. The screen on my Sony A7S was scratched and had some dead pixels, so it was time to replace it. Replacing … Read more

The Best Way to Reduce Noise in the Milky Way

Shooting the Milky Way and astrophotography in general can be a daunting task. Noise can become a problem even with modern full-frame cameras. Processing the Milky Way can make the noise even more prominent. Typical noise reduction techniques will often smear the detail making the image look unnatural. Noise averaging is one of the greatest … Read more

How to Create a Long Exposure Effect in Timelapses

Introduction I have always wanted to create a timelapse of a long exposure. It would be fascinating to see clouds turn into a blur as they move across the sky during a long exposure. I found out a way to fake a long exposure with still images and knew there had to be a way … Read more

Photo Editing Tips

  Over the past few months, I have refined my post-processing workflow. Watching and reading tutorials has really improved my workflow. Here are the most valuable things I have learned.   Set a goal for the final look Increase contrast to remove vignette Increase vibrance/saturation to adjust white balance Increase exposure when clone stamping Take … Read more

Luminosity Masks Blending Workflow

  Creating balanced exposures can be tough when you have a scene with a high tonal range. One of the best ways to balance a scene is to use a graduated neutral density filter. A neutral density filter is like sunglasses for you camera. With a graduated nd filter, only a portion of the filter … Read more

Astro Workflow: How to Manually Align Photos to Eliminate Star Trails

  Astro photos are one of the hardest to process because you can’t see all the colors and details of the night sky. It is also very hard to get clean images from a single frame unless you have a full-frame camera and a fast lens. With stacking, you can combine multiple frames to reduce … Read more