I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Growing up in Hawai’i allowed me to gain a first-hand appreciation for our beaches, waters, forests, mountains, our ‘āina. I found a passion for landscape photography in high school and have pursued all sorts of photography since then. Now I specialize in real estate and vacation rental photography, and do landscapes and timelapse for fun. I’m currently attending The University of Hawai’i at Hilo for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Need real estate or vacation rental photos? Or landscape and timelapse photogaphy? I’d be happy to work with you!


Sony a6000
Sony a7S 
Sony a7 III


Full Frame:
Sony Zeiss 16-35 f/4
Sony 28-70mm
Sony Zeiss 70-200 f/4
Rokinon 14mm
Rokinon 24mm
Sony 28mm f/2.0
Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8
Nikon 500mm f/8 Reflex

Rokinon 12mm
Sony 16-50mm
Sony 55-210mm

Tripods: The most underrated equipment in a photographer’s setup. Don’t cheap out on them!

Feisol CT-3342 legs + Feisol CB-40D ball head: Very well built and versatile tripod. The best feature is that it lacks a center column. I can get it really low, which I do quite often. It’s also very quick to adjust, which is absolutely necessary when trying to take a photo before the waves crash. It’s also very easy to clean as it can get filthy putting it in seawater and sand.

Slik Pro 723CFL legs + Sirui K-20X ball head – My workhorse for real estate and vacation rental photography.

Sllik Pro 614CF legs  + Sirui C-10X ball head – My ultimate lightweight tripod.

Sirui T025X legs + Sirui C-10S ball head – Good all around lightweight setup.

Timelapse stuff:

Alpine Labs Radian – Motorized pan and tilt motion control device that I can control from my phone. It’s small enough to throw in my back and really adds to the dynamic of a timelapse.

Revolve Camera motorized slider – Affordable solution for motion in timelapse and video.


Tiffen 3-stop ND filter: Couldn’t shoot seascapes without it. Allows me to get long exposures.
Tiffen Circular Polarizer: Makes waterfall photos look really good.
B+W UV filters: Protects the front lens element from sea spray and prevents it from fogging up.
K&F Concept variable ND filter: Cheap filter for shooting wide open for video. It works well enough.

Other stuff:

KimWipes Delicate Task Wipers – One of the most absorbent wipes. These are very handy for wiping down the lens when water gets splashed on it. Before this, I was using my shirt to wipe the lens. I missed many good shots because it takes so long for the shirt to absorb all the water, especially when you shirt is soaking wet too.

Lighting – Paul C Buff Einstein and DigiBee, Yongnuo YN-560 III flashes, flash triggers, stands, and umbrellas. Essential portrait tools for shaping light.

DJI Ronin-M – Amazing for smooth video. Possible for hyperlapses and drivelapses.

Mindshift Backlight 26l – Good bag to hold all my equipment for day hikes.

Lowepro Event Messenger 150– Small bag that doesn’t stand out. Great for places where I can drive to the location and I don’t need all my equipment. It can comfortably hold what I need for a photoshoot.

Osprey Aether 60 Hiking Bag – Great for backpacking trips, very comfortable, and holds a decent amount.

Custom built windows computer – Core I7 4970k, GTX 1060, 32GB RAM, SSD main and HDD storage, NZXT H440 Case, BenQ BL2711U 4k Monitor.

Yes, but not quite like what it implies. I use it to blend bracketed photos in situations where my camera can’t capture the whole range of light in a single exposure (sunrises / sunsets). I also use it to selectively adjust the contrast and color. I don’t use it to move or resize objects. I don’t add anything to my images that aren’t already there. If I ever composite my photos, I will mention it in the description. I strive to rely on good compositions and lighting. I can’t make a bad photo look good in Photoshop, but I can make a good photo look great. You can see exactly how I edit my photos here.

Lightroom: Great for organizing my photos, initial photo edits, and editing timelapses.
Photoshop: I use it to edit all my still photos. Very powerful!
Premiere: Video editing
LRTimelapse: Creating timelapse transitions
After Effects: Compiling timelapse sequences, and some special editing

Yes! Please support a broke college student. You can find buy photos here. Contact me for special requests.