The screen on my Sony A7S was scratched and had some dead pixels, so it was time to replace it. Replacing it is very tricky. I do not recommend doing this yourself if your not comfortable with opening up your camera.

I am not a professional. I’m just a photographer that wanted to fix the screen myself. This is a general guide on how to do it based on replacing and reading a forum. I am not responsible if it doesn’t work or gets damaged.

What you will need:

LCD Replacement (Same for all three cameras)
Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Double Sided Tape

Step 1:

Remove the bottom and rear screws from the screen.


Step 2:

Pry up the LCD using a spudger or flat small screwdriver. The LCD is held by an adhesive.


Step 3:

Carefully disconnect the PCB ribbon going from the LCD to the camera and remove the LCD. Remove the two ribbons going from the LCD to the PCB. Pry up the PCB from the back of the LCD using a spudger or screwdriver. It is held down by some adhesive. Apply a piece of double sided tape to the PCB after you have removed it.



Step 4:

Connect the ribbon from the camera to the PCB.


Step 5:

Connect the narrow ribbon from the LCD to the PCB and then the wide one last. This is the tricky part because it is hard to get all three ribbons plugged in. You may want to use tweezers to help plug in the ribbons.


Step 6:

Fold the widest ribbon back and push it all the way to accurately position the PCB and stick it to the back of the LCD. Push the LCD in so that the adhesive sticks to the plastic bezel. Put the 4 screws back in and you should be finished.