Mauna Loa Time Explorer: A Small Timelapse Project

Shot over the course of four days and two nights on Mauna Loa, Hawaii. There’s an immense amount of beauty in this barren land. So many shapes and colors in the rocks and some of the best skies in the world for seeing the galaxy. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without the amazing … Read more

The Best Way to Reduce Noise in the Milky Way

Shooting the Milky Way and astrophotography in general can be a daunting task. Noise can become a problem even with modern full-frame cameras. Processing the Milky Way can make the noise even more prominent. Typical noise reduction techniques will often smear the detail making the image look unnatural. Noise averaging is one of the greatest … Read more

From Mountain to Ocean | The Big Island in 4K

It has been over a year since I shot my first timelapse. I became hooked to photography and timelapse from that day. This has been an ongoing project for one year. I created this project to capture the beauty of the Big Island’s landscapes. Mauna Kea is the mountain featured in over 10 clips in … Read more

How to Create a Long Exposure Effect in Timelapses

Introduction I have always wanted to create a timelapse of a long exposure. It would be fascinating to see clouds turn into a blur as they move across the sky during a long exposure. I found out a way to fake a long exposure with still images and knew there had to be a way … Read more

Photo Editing Tips

  Over the past few months, I have refined my post-processing workflow. Watching and reading tutorials has really improved my workflow. Here are the most valuable things I have learned.   Set a goal for the final look Increase contrast to remove vignette Increase vibrance/saturation to adjust white balance Increase exposure when clone stamping Take … Read more

Revolve Motorized Slider Review

  Since the time I have gotten my hands on the Revolve motorized camera slider I have never been more serious about shooting timelapses. Motion adds a whole other dimension to a timelapse. The slider has been used with my Sony A6000 and my Alpine Labs Radian motion device.   In the Box 36″ Camera … Read more

Glowing Light Reprocess

  This is a reprocessed version of one of my favorite photos from last year. I definitely like this version more because my processing workflow was very different then.   Reprocessed version. Old version.