My Favorite Photos of 2014

  2014 has been a big year for me. I became serious about photography in June and I have seen huge improvements in my photos since then. Taking thee effort to go to great locations and improving my compositions really helped me out. One of the things that helped me out most is studying other … Read more

Luminosity Masks Blending Workflow

  Creating balanced exposures can be tough when you have a scene with a high tonal range. One of the best ways to balance a scene is to use a graduated neutral density filter. A neutral density filter is like sunglasses for you camera. With a graduated nd filter, only a portion of the filter … Read more

Rokinon 12mm NCS Photo and Cine Lens Comparison

  Introduction: I dropped my photo lens in salt water in the Beginning of December, so I purchased a new one since I liked the lens so much. I picked up the cine lens from amazon because it was only $270. The two lenses are the same inside, but have some differences on the outside. … Read more

Astro Workflow: How to Manually Align Photos to Eliminate Star Trails

  Astro photos are one of the hardest to process because you can’t see all the colors and details of the night sky. It is also very hard to get clean images from a single frame unless you have a full-frame camera and a fast lens. With stacking, you can combine multiple frames to reduce … Read more

Ways to Process Water in Landscape Photos

  Processing water to make the visual elements more prominent can make good photos better. There are a number of ways to this using Lightroom adjustment brushes. The three primary ways I process water is to change the brightness, contrast, and color.   (This is unedited) For this photo, I wanted to make the waterfall … Read more

Landscape Photo Editing Sessions Series

  I’m starting a series of videos to show my editing process and workflow for landscape photos. In this first video I explain why I make certain adjustments and how to do it. This photo was taken at the Paradise Park Cliffs on the Big Island.  

Alpine Labs Radian Motion Timelapse Device Review

  Compatibility: Compatible with any camera that has a wired, remote shutter port. Dimensions: 4.57 x 1.77″ (116mm x 45mm) Weight: 15 oz (425g) Thread Size: Standard 1/4-20 thread is used in the top and bottom of Radian Panning Load: 15lbs (7kg) Tilt load: 4+ lbs Angular Resolution: 0.0173°     Over 20,000 discrete positions per 360°.  This allows for a shot every 3 seconds … Read more