My Favorite Photos of 2014


2014 has been a big year for me. I became serious about photography in June and I have seen huge improvements in my photos since then. Taking thee effort to go to great locations and improving my compositions really helped me out. One of the things that helped me out most is studying other photographers work. When I see amazing photos, I am inspired to improve mine.


Here are my favorite photos of the year 2014. Seascapes are my favorite type of scenes to shoot. The more dangerous it is, the more risks I take to get the photo. I have had waves soak me countless times and have had my gear splashed. I even dropped my camera in water recently. All of those risks were worth it. I have enjoyed this year and I am excited for the next.




“Golden Sunrise” This was the first photo that I felt proud of. I took this in June at the Paradise Park Cliffs in Makuu. That is my favorite seascape location because you have to watch out for the crashing waves. A low tide revealed the rocks beneath and created a nice waterfall. I really liked the yellow light of the sunrise. We often get these golden sunrises on the Big Island. You have to go to the other side of the island to get those orange sunsets. Check out how I processed this photo here.




“Glowing Light” I took this photo in July at the Hilton Hotel in Waikoloa. This sunset was the most amazing I have ever seen. The clouds created a glow of pink light illuminating everything. I really liked the curve leading out to those colorful clouds.




“Cliffs” I took this photo in August at the Paradise Park Cliffs. This was the first time I actually took photos at the cliff. The rough water created waves that crashed onto the cliff side. I really liked the depth of field of all the different parts of the cliff in this photo.




“Gentle Fall” I took this photo in September at the Paradise Park Cliffs. Long exposure photos of waterfalls are what inspired me start photography. The diverse landscapes of the Big Island allow me to find many cool locations. I really like the waterfall in this photo because it was small and gentle.




“Warm Reflection” I took this photo in September at Waikoloa. This location was interesting because there was a section of coral rocks, a section of sand, and a section of lava rock. The orange reflection of the sun is so beautiful. I really liked the detail of the two coral rocks on the right.




“Mauna Kea” I took this photo of Mauna Kea in October from Saddle Road. Saddle Road traverses the two biggest mountains on the island. The sky was amazingly clear this night. This is my first nightscape photo that I was proud of. I really liked this photo because Mauna Kea is one of my favorite things about the island. No matter where I am, I can look at Mauna Kea and enjoy the beauty. Check out how I processed this photo here.




“Leading Fall” I took this photo in December at the Paradise Park cliffs. For this photo shoot, I was really trying to find some good compositions. The crashing waves created a small river leading to this small waterfall. I really like how the receding water leads your eye to the waterfall. Check out how I processed this photo here.




“Between” I took this photo in December at the Paradise Park Cliffs. I found a nice little bay protected from the waves. This allowed me to put my tripod in the water and get up close to the rock. I really like the look of the crashing wave and waterfalls in the background. The rock also created a nice visual element that pointed toward the waterfall.