Photo Editing Tips

  Over the past few months, I have refined my post-processing workflow. Watching and reading tutorials has really improved my workflow. Here are the most valuable things I have learned.   Set a goal for the final look Increase contrast to remove vignette Increase vibrance/saturation to adjust white balance Increase exposure when clone stamping Take … Read more

Astro Workflow: How to Manually Align Photos to Eliminate Star Trails

  Astro photos are one of the hardest to process because you can’t see all the colors and details of the night sky. It is also very hard to get clean images from a single frame unless you have a full-frame camera and a fast lens. With stacking, you can combine multiple frames to reduce … Read more

Ways to Process Water in Landscape Photos

  Processing water to make the visual elements more prominent can make good photos better. There are a number of ways to this using Lightroom adjustment brushes. The three primary ways I process water is to change the brightness, contrast, and color.   (This is unedited) For this photo, I wanted to make the waterfall … Read more

Landscape Photo Editing Sessions Series

  I’m starting a series of videos to show my editing process and workflow for landscape photos. In this first video I explain why I make certain adjustments and how to do it. This photo was taken at the Paradise Park Cliffs on the Big Island.